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Anais_Courtisane_De_Luxe escort Luxembourg

hier, 04:51
Meeting Date: 25 Sep, 2021
Pour ma première fois avec Anaïs , j'ai été très agréablement subjugué par sa beauté et son charme naturels....Une jeune femme superbe à tous les niveaux, qui parle un très bon français J'ai passé un moment très intense avec elle....Elle se comporte comme la meilleure petite amie qu'on pourrait rêver , très soucieuse d'apporter un maximum de plaisir.... Belle, douce ,intelligente, délicieuse, cette jeune femme aux courbes et formes généreuses ,est un diamant très rare...On se sent très bien avec elle...Il faut en prendre le plus grand soin.... Une dame de grande qualité.... Gros bisous ma belle...Ton rendez-vous de 15h00

Zarina escort Brussels

hier, 09:20
Meeting Date: 24 Sep, 2021
Met Zarina this evening. Nice tall girl with that soft skin only 20 year old girls have. Great ass, nice natural breasts. Friendly, decent level of English and kisses greedily. Very good blow job. Responsive to cunnilingus. Sex is very good. Very impressed with the way she looks for what makes you tick while cuddling against you. In short, a very good choice.

Jadranka White escort Kirchberg

hier, 09:20

http://www.beneluxxx...escort/Jadranka White-17804
Meeting Date: 13 Sep, 2021
Jadranka is a special person and this was my third time with her. . Great beauty and intelligence and then there is the sex! When I contacted her she was about to do some filming for her website andnimplored me to get there as soon as possible. How could I refuse. She is an intelligent and beautiful person and is a joy to be with. Hopefully our paths will cross again

Dana escort Luxembourg

24 septembre 2021 - 10:42
Meeting Date: 23 Sep, 2021
... I meant to meet a beautiful, young, slim person, but met a different person. It was not a girl from photos. Fake. Not recommended! During the sex she was texting on the phone and didnt look at me. She agreed to give me a massage, but after receiving money she didnt. From the first moment she asked me to cum repeatedly. Totally i dont recommend her at all.

Maggie escort Brussels

23 septembre 2021 - 09:40

Meeting Date: 22 Sep, 2021
City: Bruxelles

Maggie wasn't my first choice even if I'm glad to have met her.
I came for another girl. At the time of the rendez-vous, the agency told me she wasn't available anymore, that she had to leave for something important.
The lady on the phone did her best to find me a substitute. Honestly, this is not professional. You book in advance, you confirm in the morning, you drive 40 mins, you pay your parking and suddenly the girl isn't available anymore.
I would have understood if the cancellation would have taken place 2 hours before the meeting.
But not at the time of the meeting. I had to stay 30 mins in the street like an idiot waiting for a solution.No French Kiss. Blowjob was OK.
Regular sex was good. Anal was fine.Very good social time.
The girl is friendly and respectful. She received something like 30 messages on her phone when I was there and she never picked it up.
At the very end, she even asked the permission to send a message. T
his is how every escort should behave.

Thank you for that Maggie.